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Leslie Turek's Garden

May 2000 - Part 1

May 5: As is typical in New England, we had no spring to speak of. We went from cold and snow on April 26 to 80-plus heat just a week later.

The deep purple lilac and the pink dogwood I planted along the back fence last spring are doing beautifully in spite of the freaky weather.

All of the wall plants are blooming at once: white rock cress next to periwinkle, moss phlox, basket-of-gold, and veronica 'Waterperry Blue'.

Wild phlox, white bleeding heart, and celandine poppy brighten up the shady spots, while Katisha relaxes in the lush grass.

May 11: A view of the Carolina silverbell from the back porch, followed by a closeup of a lovely little blue and white shade plant called Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry Eyes' (a relative of the forget-me-not), Scilla hispanica, and a pink azalea.

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